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    Of managers are dissatisfied with their company’s (L&D) programs.


    Or less of employees believe L&D improved performance.


    Of employees don’t have the skills needed to do their jobs


    Or less of employees apply new skills learned.


    Discover Personalized AI-Powered Corporate Training Solutions.

    Every program includes a specialized AI mentor for guiding teams in their journey.


    At the heart of our approach is a distinctive foundation—a proprietary dataset enriched with the finest in business, management, and leadership knowledge.

    What truly distinguishes us are our advanced Learning Mentors—chatbots that surpass the competition, including generic alternatives like ChatGPT.

    These Learning Mentors have undergone rigorous, tailored training to become world-class experts in corporate learning, guaranteeing seamless alignment with our clients' unique culture and needs.

    This innovation is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, revolutionizing the corporate education landscape


    Achieve Unprecedented Learning Outcomes with AstraEd

    Book call with us to discuss how can your organization leverage cutting edge AI technology to improve corporate learning outcomes.


    "AstraEd's learning program didn't just deliver; it's tailored to truly reflect our company's culture, mission, and values, making it 10x better than anything else out there. This exceptional approach has revolutionized our professional growth strategy at Hays."

    — Natalia de Antuñano,
    Sr. Recruitment Manager, Hays

    How does it work

    Our agile process ensures that our clients receive a tailored and effective corporate learning solution that aligns perfectly with their objectives and culture.

    1/ Brief

    2/ Proof of Concept

    3/ Dataset Refinement

    4/ Publication & Delivery

    5/ AI Mentor

    We start by engaging with our clients to understand their unique learning goals, values, and company culture.

    Next, we create an initial learning lesson as a proof of concept. This serves as a foundation that we can share with the client for feedback and fine-tuning.

    Based on the client's feedback, we fine-tune our proprietary dataset model. We also have the option to incorporate the company's existing content, further personalizing the learning program.

    We publish the personalized learning program in a variety of formats, whether it's through an online Learning Management System (LMS), the company's LMS, or even for internal use within the organization.

    Our final and crucial step involves training an AI-driven mentor to become an expert on the learning material and the specific goals of the client's organization.

    Discover our Personalized AI-Powered Corporate Training Solutions

    Experience the unparalleled advantage of an AI that’s been meticulously crafted to align with your company’s unique culture and content, acting as the ultimate business mentor—infused with expert knowledge and tailored to anticipate your needs with precision.

    Avoid generic chatbots that lacks customization and insight into the nuanced fabric of your organization and business acumen.

    generic-gpt expertly-trained-and-finetuned


    One-time Creation Fee:
    This fee covers the creation and customization of the initial learning program and AI Learning Mentors. It is determined by the amount of content required.

    Per-Seat Annual Subscription
    Provides each employee with access to AI learning mentors. We offer volume discounts, ensuring affordability for companies of all sizes as you grow.”


    How do you personalize the learning experience?
    AstraEd's AI uses learner behavior, progress, and feedback to customize the learning pathway in real-time, providing a highly personalized and responsive learning experience.
    What kind of time and cost savings can we expect?
    AstraEd's AI-driven system dramatically reduces the time and costs traditionally associated with course development and delivery. We can see an average of 50% cost savings with a time to launch to less than a week. In two cases we've created an entire course within a single day.
    How does you ensure the learning content remains engaging and human-centric, despite the AI-driven approach?
    While AstraEd leverages technology for efficient learning, it designs its programs with a deep understanding of human learners, ensuring the content is relatable and engaging. Our process is open to receive feedback and adapt the content to best serve your team.
    What industries or job functions does AstraEd cater to?
    AstraEd caters to a variety of industries and job functions, with learning programs tailored to specific business needs and individual learner goals.
    Can AstraEd integrate with our existing Learning Management System (LMS)?
    Yes, AstraEd is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing LMSs, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your current operations. Alternatively, AstraEd can provide its own LMS or publish courses on platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Circle, and more.
    What kind of post-implementation support does AstraEd provide?
    AstraEd offers comprehensive ongoing support to ensure optimal utilization of its programs and the best possible learning outcomes.

    Can AstraEd's learning programs scale with our company growth?
    Absolutely. AstraEd's personalized and adaptable approach is designed to be scalable, accommodating both small teams and large, expanding organizations.


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