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Leverage AI technology to create personalized business learning programs, at a fraction of time and cost.

Your AI Corporate Mentor,
Tailored with your Intelligence

Experience the unparalleled advantage of an AI that’s been meticulously crafted to align with your company’s unique culture and content, acting as the ultimate business mentor—infused with expert knowledge and tailored to anticipate your needs with precision.

Avoid generic chatbots that lacks customization and insight into the nuanced fabric of your organization and business acumen.

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Your organization deserves better


Cut Costs

Experience high-quality, bespoke learning programs at less than 50% of the cost of traditional corporate learning solutions.


Personalized Learning

Our AI-driven process tailors courses to your team's unique learning needs and company culture.


Applicable Knowledge

We focus on practical, engaging learning experiences that employees not only remember but actively implement.


Incentivize Development

Foster a culture of continuous learning and growth focusing on skill development, not compliance.


"AstraEd didn't just deliver a learning program; they designed it to really reflect our company's culture, mission, and values. I've never seen a program do that before - it's genuinely 10x better than anything else out there. It's been a game-changer for how we approach professional growth at Hays."

— Natalia de Antuñano,
Sr. Recruitment Manager, Hays

AstraEd's business validation program, tailored to our unique needs at Contxto and the young founders we work with, has been a game-changer. It's made a real difference in how we support Latin American startups.

— Marco Antúnez
Editor in Chief,



By choosing AstraEd for your own professional development, you're embarking on an enriching journey that has the power to transform not just your career but your life.

  • Tailored Growth: AstraEd leverages AI to develop learning programs that cater to your individual strengths and aspirations, accelerating your career advancement.

  • Comprehensible Learning: Thanks to a flexible pace tailored to your needs, you'll find an enhanced understanding and retention of knowledge, resulting in applicable insights for real-world challenges.

  • Efficiency: AstraEd's speed and cost-effectiveness saves precious time, enabling you to focus on the practical application of your new skills to make impactful decisions.

  • Increased Satisfaction: With learning that aligns with your career goals, you'll experience heightened job satisfaction, becoming a more motivated and effective leader.

  • Career Boost: The application of newfound skills and knowledge can fast-track your career progression, leading to potential financial growth and a competitive edge.

Choosing AstraEd is choosing a revolutionary approach to professional learning and development, an approach that's empowering you to reshape your future and reach new heights in your career.



When a team chooses to utilize AstraEd for their learning and development, the results are nothing short of transformational. With the power of AI-driven personalization, each team member embarks on a learning journey uniquely tailored to their own strengths, weaknesses, and career goals.

  • Personalized Learning: AstraEd tailors programs to individual strengths and goals, fostering an environment where each member feels valued and supported.

  • Improved Comprehension: The flexible pace enhances understanding and knowledge retention, nurturing a more skilled and competent team.

  • Efficiency: The speed and cost-effectiveness of AstraEd free up resources, allowing focus on practical application of skills.

  • Boosted Morale: A personalized approach leads to greater job satisfaction, cultivating a more motivated and cohesive team.

  • Competitive Edge: The resultant increase in productivity and innovation paves the way for business growth, giving teams a competitive advantage.

AstraEd is actively redefining corporate learning with personalized, large-scale programs, which result in enhanced productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction among teams, fostering business growth and a competitive edge.




How do you personalize the learning experience?
AstraEd's AI uses learner behavior, progress, and feedback to customize the learning pathway in real-time, providing a highly personalized and responsive learning experience.
What kind of time and cost savings can we expect?
AstraEd's AI-driven system dramatically reduces the time and costs traditionally associated with course development and delivery. We can see an average of 50% cost savings with a time to launch to less than a week. In two cases we've created an entire course within a single day.
How does you ensure the learning content remains engaging and human-centric, despite the AI-driven approach?
While AstraEd leverages technology for efficient learning, it designs its programs with a deep understanding of human learners, ensuring the content is relatable and engaging. Our process is open to receive feedback and adapt the content to best serve your team.
What industries or job functions does AstraEd cater to?
AstraEd caters to a variety of industries and job functions, with learning programs tailored to specific business needs and individual learner goals.
Can AstraEd integrate with our existing Learning Management System (LMS)?
Yes, AstraEd is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing LMSs, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your current operations. Alternatively, AstraEd can provide its own LMS or publish courses on platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Circle, and more.

What kind of post-implementation support does AstraEd provide?
AstraEd offers comprehensive ongoing support to ensure optimal utilization of its programs and the best possible learning outcomes.

Can AstraEd's learning programs scale with our company growth?
Absolutely. AstraEd's personalized and adaptable approach is designed to be scalable, accommodating both small teams and large, expanding organizations.


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